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Attack vectors are the cybersecurity terms that describe how third parties try to access, manipulate and exploit your valuable business data and information.  Whether it is stealing credit card details or spoofing employee information, your defences are constantly under threat.  The most common attack vectors seen in small to medium business include malware, viruses, email attachments, web pages, popups and social engineering.

At Nimoveri we take IT security seriously and work tirelessly with our customers to ensure they have the right controls in place in an effort to prevent malicious attacks.

Services included in our IT security service – “Secure” portfolio include:

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Nimoveri provide a full range of IT support services for Rainbow Productions and as well as managing our day to day IT needs their advice and input helps us to shape our longer term IT strategy.


Through deep understanding of how businesses can come under attack, our team of IT security experts can advise on the most appropriate suite of services required to maximise your business security and ensure complete peace of mind.  Our team can help to identify attack vectors and provide insight into solutions that may contribute to future protection.  Should you be concerned defences have been breached, we will work with you to identify possible causes and ensure your IT is clean and trouble-free.  In the event there has been a breach or if you have simply deleted the wrong file, our managed backup solution ensures a copy of your data is retained and available.

Secure your Business, our IT security service, is how we ensure your valuable data is protected, whether protecting it from malicious intent or ensuring you have a validated backup.  Your backup strategy is a key component of securing your business.  The Nimoveri Backup and Disaster Recovery plan includes:

  • Advanced Email Security from Barracuda
  • Endpoint and Infrastructure Security from ESET
  • Fortinet Approved Partner for Firewall Services
  • Multi-factor Authentication from Microsoft
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

The team of highly knowledgeable security professionals at Nimoveri have vast experience supporting businesses, from SMEs to large global brands, in remaining protected and secure at all times, whatever their requirements.

If you would like additional information regarding our IT security service, or simply wish to discuss the best options available to you, then please get in touch with a member of our team.

  • Fully Monitored Backup Solution
  • Offsite Storage of Backup Data in UK Data Centre
  • Cloud Backup
  • Annual Certificated Recovery Test
  • Backup of Office 365 Email and OneDrive
  • Rapid Server Recovery to Minimise Downtime in the Event of Server Failure or Disaster.

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